About The Artist

Mission Statement

My goal is to bring beauty into the world by creating high quality, functional and unique handcrafted pottery. Through my artwork, my wish is to bring joy and harmony to you by working with many colors. Each unique piece is made with a devotion to the movement of clay.

About the Potter

My love of pottery grew while taking a pottery class in 2013. I didn’t immediately learn to throw on the wheel because it was very challenging, however I enjoyed the process of handbuilding with clay. Learning to throw on the wheel came a year later.

I established my business in 2015 while still working as an accountant full-time. I’ve sold my art at many fairs, art shows and farmer’s markets. I also enjoy teaching pottery. Not only do I teach the process of working with clay, but I also teach how to stay focused and relaxed; reminding each student to breathe while they create. Art connects us to our souls.

In 2019 I had a serious health issue that left me unable to work as an accountant. A year into my recovery made it clear that I should follow my dream of being a full-time potter. Thanks to my loyal customers I was able to continue working through the pandemic in 2020 and build my business.

Every day I am grateful that I decided to follow my passion. I’m honored to share my art with you.


Thank you for connecting with me.

Jenn Hayes-Artist/Potter